As many of you know, Times2 has closed its doors permanently. Two moves in a year just killed me.
It was like starting from scratch. I never wanted to move, but for those of you that don’t know, I was
paying almost $3,000 a month for rent in Port Richey (by Walmart). I just couldn’t pay it so I moved to
52 in Hudson. That was a disaster! With a dog groomer next door, I heard dogs barking literally all
day. Not to mention that every morning I came in, the store smelled like wet dog. The next move was
next to Kmart. I loved the space (and the rent) but it took just too long to pick back up so I had to
work outside the store just to pay the store bills. When I wasn’t at the store, I was working and
honestly, just beating my head against the wall because it still wasn't enough. The landlord came
into the store and my daughter told him that I was gonna throw in the towel, and 2 hours later, he
came in and served us with a 3 day eviction. I thought i’d have more time, we had to be out by
Monday, but my daughter was getting married on Sunday. There was just no time to move an entire
store, and there was absolutely NO TIME to contact over 1000 active consignors and tell them to
come in and pick up their items IN ONE DAY! It just wasn’t possible. There really wasn’t any
expensive things left because, unless you broke the rules and brought in clothes, I haven’t accepted
any drop offs in 3 or 4 months. So at this point, I need updated emails. I will enter the rest of the
tickets that I have and then I will start mailing checks and dropping off Formals. I took the newest
ones and the most expensive ones, so if you dropped those off within the last year, you’ll be getting
them back. I’m starting with the largest amounts first and working backward from there. If you send
me nasty emails, your butt will be put at the bottom of the list.

On a side note: When people say “Support your local small businesses, they really mean support!” If
there’s a small business you love, then as a member of our community it is our duty to spread the
word. There’s no better advertising than ‘YOU’. So, for what it’s worth, thank you to those that
supported us (you know who you are) for as long as you did. It made many 'broke days' worth it.